WE&B recluta Montse Gomariz

WE&B se complace en anunciar la incorporación de Montse Gomariz al equipo WE&B. Montse asumirá el papel de Administradora de Negocios en WE & B, donde aporta una riqueza de experiencia en economía, finanzas, administración, gestión empresarial y control. Su Educación ha sido en España y América (Universidad de Miami) y con experiencia demostrable en […]

The fascinating social aspects of water scarcity: Sõa Paulo

At the recent Water Week Latin America in Chile (April 2015), WE&B had the opportunity to interview Mrs Monica Porto. At the recent Water Week Latin America in Chile (April 2015), WE&B had the opportunity to interview Mrs Monica Porto the Deputy Secretary for Water and Sanitation in Sõa Paulo, Brazil. As had been widely [...]

The EU Water Sector in Latin America

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. For of those of you that are very familiar with Spaghetti Westerns, you will be well acquainted with the movie “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. The movie, set in the old west, in my point of view, has a number of similarities to European water companies [...]

Improving Acces to Water, Sanitation and hygiene services in poor, Peri-urban and rural communities (Angola)

Objective of the project: To improve public health in the peri-urban and rural communities in four municipalities through the provision of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene services for an estimated 137,383 people. Activities Construction of 86 new water points and rehabilitation of 14 existing Wells. The organisation and training of Water and Sanitation (GAS) groups for […]


Objective of the project: To establish a specialised structure within the company (ADE) in order to measure the yield distribution capacity and to find out and fix water leakages. To realize a diagnostic of the water distribution network. (250 000 people in 2008) & to resize and rehabilitate the water distribution network. Activities Cartography of […]

Capacity building for direct Water reuse in the mediterranean area (CB-WR-MED (Tunisia)

Objective of the project: To strengthen the competencies and capacities of CERTE (Centre for water researches and technologies in Tunisia) while realizing it as an international center of excellence, and reinforcing the cooperation capacities and research activities in Tunisia in water management by defining water research priorities to respond to socio-economic needs, facilitating participation in […]

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