Objective of the project:

To strengthen the competencies and capacities of CERTE (Centre for water researches and technologies in Tunisia) while realizing it as an international center of excellence, and reinforcing the cooperation capacities and research activities in Tunisia in water management by defining water research priorities to respond to socio-economic needs, facilitating participation in European water research initiatives and inclusion in European Research Area


  • Individual training sessions to strengthen CERTE capacities to cooperate with SWM and water resources protection
  • Workshops to expand the knowledge base on sustainable water resources management
  • Conferences and workshops to enhance the technological research capacity in order to maintain and upgrade water quality via adequate treatments and reuse.
  • Technology focus workshops to strengthen CERTE capacities on innovative treatment and sanitation concepts, technology, knowledge and skills; advanced water treatment and re-use
  • The constitution of a permanent water management alliance (WALL) that will last after the end of the CB-WR-MED project
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