Water, Environment and Business for Development

Welcome to WE&B

WE&B is a consultancy that implements solutions in the environment (mainly water and climate change) sector. Through social and business innovation we seek to improve sustainability. We apply innovative and inclusive business practices, develop capacity and involve the community and stakeholders in this process to ensure these solutions are robust.


NEW: Social Network Analysis Services

Run4Life Social Network Analysis Example

After years of refining the Social Network Analysisi (SNA) in the environmental sector in large multidisciplinary projects, we have developed the skills to tailor and adapt this social network analysis to your needs.

With this service you can identify key organizations in your network, discover influential partners, learn about the structure of the information flow or gain greater insight into the governance structures, above others.

About us

Water, Environment and Business for Development (WE&B) is a consulting company with a focus on the Water and Environment sectors and within these sectors, we specialise in social and business innovation. Our highly educated and globally experienced team participate in research projects to remain at the cutting edge of innovation while processing the skill and expertise to adapt and enhance these innovations to bring them to our clients in the development sector.

Our Vision

Make a real measurable social and economic impact on the lives of those dealing with the consequences of water and climate change effects

Our Areas of Action

WE & B is divided into 2 innovation areas  and 2 thematic axes

Innovation areas: social innovation and business innovation
The 2 thematic axes: water and environment (climate change, circular economy, green growth, rural development, etc.)

Our Resources

The WE &B team has a network of local experts located throughout the world with extensive field experience in each of our work areas. This network of experts ensures that WE &B is flexible to tackle any project and allows for local knowledge and experience to be used, to guarantee excellence in project implementation.

Our Working Method

Around these work areas of action  WE&Bs goal is to ensure projects are socially, environmentally and economically sustainable. Our working method is based on the creation of interdisciplinary working teams per project seeking technical excellence,  local representation and social inclusion through participatory mechanisms. The WE&B team of professionals covers multiple areas of action such as Economics, Biology, Sociology, Environmental Sciences, among others

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