Welcome Josefine and Miriam!

WE&B has the good fortune to welcome as part of our team two strong young professionals in Josefine Nytofte and Miram Thiemann. Josefine joins WE&B as an Environmental Systems consultant with her expertise in climate change adaptation and mitigation research and education, sustainability analyse, sustainable business models, ecosystem services and nature-based solutions. She has previously […]

Markku Lehtonen

Dr. Markku Lehtonen is an interdisciplinary social scientist, currently working at the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, where he conducts research on public controversies and evaluation related to nuclear-sector megaprojects in Finland, France, Spain and the UK. He is also an associated researcher for: GSPR, EHESS – Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris […]

Innovation and Demonstration for a Competitive and Innovative European Water Reuse Sector (DEMOWARE)

DEMOWARE had the following main objective: To rectify the shortcomings of European water stress, low public confidence and inconsistent approaches by executing a highly collaborative programme of demonstration and exploitation, using nine existing demonstration sites and one greenfield site. That include water reuse in agriculture, urban and industrial sites, that stimulates innovation and improves cohesion […]

Low Carbon Business Action in Mexico (LCBA Mexico)

The Low Carbon Business Action consisted of two interlinked phases combining concrete technology cooperation activities with more strategic long-term cooperation to facilitate the development of low emission industries in Mexico through cooperation with European SMEs, notably through clusters, on joint projects. The Main Objective: The objective was to contribute to the limitation and/or reduction or […]

Africa-EU Innovation Alliance for Water and Climate (AfriAlliance)

The main objective of AfriAlliance is for African and European stakeholders to work together in the areas of water innovation, research, policy, and capacity development to prepare Africa for future Climate Change challenges. The Africa-EU cooperation in this field was taken to practical level by sharing (non)technological innovation for local challenges, thus also identifying and […]

Stakeholders Engagement, Knowledge & Communications on Coastal Zone Management in West Africa (WACA West Africa)

The main objective was to set up a process that lead to a community-based, local participation in policy communication, participatory awareness creation, targeted law enforcement and community level ownership of policy processes on coastal management. Activities: Phase 1. Project Articulation: Literature review and analysis of ongoing related activities Phase 2. Knowledge Generation Communication and Awareness […]