Welcome Josefine and Miriam!

WE&B has the good fortune to welcome as part of our team two strong young professionals in Josefine Nytofte and Miram Thiemann. Josefine joins WE&B as an Environmental Systems consultant with her expertise in climate change adaptation and mitigation research and education, sustainability analyse, sustainable business models, ecosystem services and nature-based solutions. She has previously […]

A Millennial’s view on Climate Change

An ideology? A political creation? An act of God? As much as people will want to deny it, the Arctic is melting, temperatures are rising, droughts are occurring, Climate Change is a reality which one will only choose not to believe because perhaps you close your eyes to the realities of what is happening to […]

Water Restrictions only Apply to Wildlife?

I recently had the pleasure to be home, in Africa, in the Bush away from the dangerously high air pollution levels in Mexico City (to which the government has closed schools, advised its citizens not to be out doors between 11:00 and 19:00, taken cars off the road and launched a “Movievete en Bici” (Move […]

Cecil the lion, Trophy hunting and Ecosystem Services

It has made international news, it has made an American dentist infamous and has left a country without one of its biggest tourist attractions. Cecil the lion was wounded by an arrow on the 1 July 2015 and later killed some 40 hours later. It is alleged that Walter Palmer, the American dentist, paid US$50,000 [...]

The fascinating social aspects of water scarcity: Sõa Paulo

At the recent Water Week Latin America in Chile (April 2015), WE&B had the opportunity to interview Mrs Monica Porto. At the recent Water Week Latin America in Chile (April 2015), WE&B had the opportunity to interview Mrs Monica Porto the Deputy Secretary for Water and Sanitation in Sõa Paulo, Brazil. As had been widely [...]

The EU Water Sector in Latin America

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. For of those of you that are very familiar with Spaghetti Westerns, you will be well acquainted with the movie “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. The movie, set in the old west, in my point of view, has a number of similarities to European water companies [...]