An ideology? A political creation? An act of God? As much as people will want to deny it, the Arctic is melting, temperatures are rising, droughts are occurring, Climate Change is a reality which one will only choose not to believe because perhaps you close your eyes to the realities of what is happening to our planet right before us. So many people share different views and perspectives when it comes to the topic of Climate change. Personally, I did not believe in the philosophy that our planet was getting hotter and the ozone layer was depleting until I attended my first class on Climate Change in my second year at university. “It is just a political creation to make people pay more taxes for using their cars” a friend living in London said. “The polar bears are dying, the Arctic is melting and it’s all our fault,” another said. Whatever you choose to believe, there is quite enough evidence indicating that our planet is changing. The heat waves, the violent rainstorms, the rising ocean levels, are all indications of a change which hasn’t been witnessed in the past decades, maybe not ever by millennials.