WE&B has the good fortune to welcome as part of our team two strong young professionals in Josefine Nytofte and Miram Thiemann.

Josefine joins WE&B as an Environmental Systems consultant with her expertise in climate change adaptation and mitigation research and education, sustainability analyse, sustainable business models, ecosystem services and nature-based solutions. She has previously worked for Nserve Environmental Services as a Sustainability Manager (2018-2019) and as a consultant on the development of business models based on sustainability analyses and greenhouse gas accounting. Josefine will have a special focus on the RUN4LIFE project.

Miriam joined WE&B as an intern and after fitting in very well with the WE&B team and impressing with her tasks, she has joined the team as a Junior Socio-Environmental Consultant. Miriam has a bachelor’s degree in Social Economics and a Masters degree in Global Change Ecology. Miriam become an active part of her study community, engaging as a board member of the student council and co-leading the program’s alumni association. Miriam has also worked for one year in Peru within the voluntary service program of the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. Miriam is providing a supporting role in the projects REWAISE and HOUSEFUL.

Both Josefine and Miriam are ones to watch for the future. WE&B will be able to continue to provide high quality sound research, innovation and implementation thanks to their inclusion in the team.  

Welcome to the WE&B team, Josefine and Miriam.

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