Video summary of the AfWA event in Accra, Ghana

WE&B was present at the 77th AfWA Scientific and Technical Council in Accra Ghana from the  17th -21st of July, 2017 in Accra, Ghana. AfWA has produced a summary video of the event. See from minute 9:00 as WE&B explains the role of the AfriAlliance project within the AfWA event and its wider impact in […]

It’s destroying infrastructure, degrading ecosystems and risking lives: The environmental threat you’ve never heard of

In my experience, I have rarely been made aware of coastal or river sand mining in academic terms or in my daily life. Only recently have I heard the term in my master’s course, in developmental reports and here at WE&B. However, did you know that the Economist (2017) reports that sand and gravel are […]