Identifying Lessons Learned in Treated Wastewater Reuse and Sludge Management in Latin America

  • 13 February, 2023
  • Project Focuswater management
  • Sector(s)coastal zones, industry, urban


  • tariff structures
  • business models
  • business plans
  • technology mapping
  • governance analysis


With funds from the Investment Facility for Latin America, the regional technical cooperation: Wastewater treatment and reuse in LAC (RG-T3478) had the aim to contribute to incorporate the concept of circular economy in water and sanitation in the agenda of the countries in Latin America through providing a greater understanding of the regional challenges so as to increase the reuse of treated wastewater. Furthermore, the assignment was launched to investigate the approaches of innovative and efficient solutions in line with local needs that contribute to achieving compliance with the SDGs in sanitation. The assignment was structured through three main components: i) regional diagnosis and tool development; ii) design of treated wastewater reuse programmes; and iii) training in wastewater treatment.

Within component 1, the documentation and systematisation of experiences in 10 reuse projects or programmes in the region was carried out to identify the lessons learned in order to identify criteria and incentives for reuse that could be applicable in other contexts wthin the entire LAC region.

Services provided by WE&B

The objectives of the assignment were to:

– Identify 10 cases in LAC that could be representative and emblematic to be analysed, ideally cases

with different contexts, with different water reuses and with different motivators for reuse. Also

considering variability by country and geographical scope.

– Prepare an information collection sheet for each case that integrates case context, technical,

financial and environmental information and includes barriers encountered.

David Smith was responsible for the following deliverables:

– Deliverable 1. Presentation of a first report with a proposal of cases to be analysed and a

collection sheet.

– Deliverable 2. Final Report of the 10 most emblematic water and sludge reuse cases and the

identification of lessons learnt.