CTM Contracts WE&B for Specialized Support Services

January 2014: The Research Centre CTM contracts WE&B to undertake specialised services related to the market. WE&B has been contracted by the research centre in Barcelona (CTM) to undertake a contract on Specialized support services for market research and economic feasibility and approaches to business models for a research and innovation consortium. WE&B will provide: […]

Improving Acces to Water, Sanitation and hygiene services in poor, Peri-urban and rural communities (Angola)

Objective of the project: To improve public health in the peri-urban and rural communities in four municipalities through the provision of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene services for an estimated 137,383 people. Activities Construction of 86 new water points and rehabilitation of 14 existing Wells. The organisation and training of Water and Sanitation (GAS) groups for […]