Global days there and for all tastes, and of course, there is a World Water Day.

Global days there and for all tastes, and of course, there is World Water Day. When many of us enjoy of being able to wash your hands or drinking a glass of water at the time we want, but at the other end of the scale there are 1 billion people without access to treated water (not even say drinking). I think at least the water itself that deserves a day. A comparative example is that in Spain a person uses about 230 liters of water per day on average, and in Mozambique 15.1 liters / person / day.

Every drop counts and not only failing, but also in excess. Digámoselo the inhabitants of the middle stretch of the Ebro as it passes through the province of Zaragoza the past weeks reached a peak flow of 2,610 m3 / sec as it passes through Zaragoza (the March 2, 2015). In this stretch of river, the Ebro has created meanders with the passage of time and they have occupied the floodplain. Thus in episodes of “extraordinary” flood the river can not carry much water and occupies such plain that, as its name suggests, is flooded.

To properly manage these floods in Europe have the Floods Directive that among all his many proposals and measures include the acceptance of flooding as a recurring event with which to live and to which they must introduce measures to prevent the risk . And as we know that every drop counts, and knowing that suffer water shortages, it is obvious to think that if these recurrent floods will continue to happen, it would be rational surfaces such hypothetical flood in turn have a sustainable productive uses and the the river. All this leads into lanecesidad to manage water entirely, treating our rivers not only as a channel of water that is lost at sea, but as the socioecosistema they are, a complex system can not be manipulated at will and performances point. Therefore, it must be managed under the principles of sustainable development.

On March 22 World Water Day is celebrated worldwide as an international commemoration established by the United Nations General Assembly. and this year focuses on Sustainable Development. The water, the global daily consumption is estimated at 10 billion tons, on a planet covered in its 75% water, but the vast majority is salt water and fresh water is only 2.5%, deserves not only a day of awareness if not 365 days.

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