How to adapt social and economic models in coastal communities affected by climate change impacts

Although presented in Spanish, the Policy Brief provides a methodological guide of how to generate social and economic models for a greater adaptation to the effects of climate change in coastal areas by integrating the experiences gathered in the four pilot sites of the Waterclima LAC project. The key recommendations following the study was to: [...]

What can be done about West Africa’s Disappearing Sand?

The interconnected coastal and marine environment of the West African Countries is a highly productive ecosystem of significant marine biological diversity. It also underpins a significant portion of livelihood opportunities of the coastal communities, home to a third of its people and the source of about half of its GDP. However, several assessments based on [...]

Knowledge brokerage for sustainable development: Innovative tools for increasing research impact and evidence-based policy-making

Authors: Martinuzzi, A. and Sedlacko, M and a chapter contribution from Beatriz Medina. 2017  This book provides the first systematic analysis of knowledge brokerage experiences for sustainable development. It will help researchers to increase their impacts and support evidence based policy making in Europe and beyond. –Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger, Rector of Vienna University of Economics […]

WATER COMMUNICATION: Analysis of strategies and campaigns from the water sector. 

Authors: Lead Author Celine Hervé-Basin, contributor Beatriz Medina  Water Communication aims at setting a first general outlook at what communication on water means, who communicates and on what topics. Through different examples and based on different research and contributions, this book presents an original first overview of “water communication”. It sets its academic value […]

THE SOCIAL DIMENSIONS OF THE PERCEPTION OF NUCLEAR ENERGY. An analysis of the Spanish case (1960-2015)

Authors: Trenc, Medina, Presas, Rubio-Varas, de la Torre (2017) Available from: Nuclear energy is a complex technology that requires intensive use of resources and high centralized decision-making processes, whose governance poses a real challenge for democratic societies. In this article, we explore the social perceptions about nuclear energy in Spain through the analysis of opinion surveys […]


[gkit id=1] Herramientas de negocio para PYMEs para promover la reutilización de agua   Estas herramientas estan deseñados para ayudar a las PYMEs a desarrollar planes de negocio en el sector de la reutilización de agua. Desde la identificacion de las oportunidades, la fijación de precios para servicios de agua y su reutilización, soluciones de financiación […]