Adaptation to Climate Change starts at the local level: funding local initiatives to address water and Climate Change challenges

The Paris Agreement stresses the urgency to reach targets for Climate Change adaptation and to support developing countries with funds, technology and strengthening their capacity. The participation of local actors (e.g. local government, civil society organizations and local communities) is essential to reach implementation targets faster and reduce future costs. However, multilateral funds such as [...]

Strengthening the Capacity of African Stakeholders

AfriAlliance combined a top-down approach (policy analysis) and a bottom-up approach (workshops, surveys and interviews) to analyse the specific capacity needs, in view of Climate Change, of African water practitioners from three key stakeholder groups involved in water management, namely water utilities [WUs], river basin organisations [RBOs], and civil society organisations [CSOs] The Key Messages […]

How to adapt social and economic models in coastal communities affected by climate change impacts

Although presented in Spanish, the Policy Brief provides a methodological guide of how to generate social and economic models for a greater adaptation to the effects of climate change in coastal areas by integrating the experiences gathered in the four pilot sites of the Waterclima LAC project. The key recommendations following the study was to: [...]