The interconnected coastal and marine environment of the West African Countries is a highly productive ecosystem of significant marine biological diversity. It also underpins a significant portion of livelihood opportunities of the coastal communities, home to a third of its people and the source of about half of its GDP. However, several assessments based on country-specific National Communications to the UNFCCC, the second assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as well as GEF-funded projects such as the African Process, have concluded that widespread coastal erosion due to climate change is one of the most serious anticipated environmental problems facing the region

WE&B together with GlobalCAD has produced a set of 13 Factsheets for the World Bank West Africa Coastal Areas Management Program  to target the civil society, public and private sectors to shine a light on the impacts of climate change at the coastal regions.

These were produced under the following themes:

  1. Preparing for, preventing and managing natural
  2. Preserving the coastal and marine environment (its functioning and integrity) to share space
  3. Developing West Africas Seas Sustainably
  4. Balancing Economic, Social, Cultural development whilst enhancing the environment
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