The Power, Influence, and Networking Ability of Water and Climate Organizations in Africa and Europe

WE&B, together with the assistance of the AfriAlliance consortium, undertook a Social Network Analysis (SNA) to provide insight into who has the power, influence, and networking-ability amongst [...]


WE&B used a combination of structured interviews held with experts on the nexus between biodiversity and cultural practices from 9 case studies in the Mediterranean, as well as a literature review.  The study found that a significant amount of cultural practices related to biodiversity exist in the Mediterranean basin. We discovered that there is a link […]

Monitoring of water availability in terms of quality and quantity for food security in Africa

Sustainable development in Africa is reliant on increasing the viable use of water resources without significantly degrading ecosystem services, which are fundamental to human well-being. This is particularly challenging in Africa due to the high spatial and temporal variability of available water resources. As stated by the IPCC in 2014 “Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, [...]

What can be done about West Africa’s Disappearing Sand?

The interconnected coastal and marine environment of the West African Countries is a highly productive ecosystem of significant marine biological diversity. It also underpins a significant portion of livelihood opportunities of the coastal communities, home to a third of its people and the source of about half of its GDP. However, several assessments based on [...]