WE&B used a combination of structured interviews held with experts on the nexus between biodiversity and cultural practices from 9 case studies in the Mediterranean, as well as a literature review. 

The study found that a significant amount of cultural practices related to biodiversity exist in the Mediterranean basin. We discovered that there is a link between Practice-Biodiversity Nexus in (i) Genes (local livestock breeds and selection of land varieties); (ii) Species (Pruning and thinning maintains Q. ilex, Q. pyrenaica and Castanea spp.) and (iii) Ecosystems (Transhumance and transtermitance; Herding by shepherds; Governance norms and rules). 

The study also found the relationships between biodiversity and cultural practices that should be further explored including:

  • Dry Stone Wall Management
  • Water ditches and semi-permanent ponds
  • Soil Fertility and soil biodiversity
  • Governance practices


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