Maria Pascual

Ms. Maria Pascual has a Bachelor Degree in Physics from the University of Barcelona (Spain), and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science from Lund University (Sweden). In 2022, as part of her master’s thesis, she joined the Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies project ”Just Energy Transitions (JET) or Navigating Justice Claims […]


Karine Caussé

Karine Caussé’s area of expertise lies at the intersection of social sciences and environmental management. In January, she joined WE&B’s team as a socio-environmental systems consultant after having collaborated with us on a project funded by UfM tackling the capitalisation of green circular economy practices in the Mediterranean region. She previsouly worked for UNESCO’s Intergovernmental [...]


Markku Lehtonen

Dr. Markku Lehtonen is an interdisciplinary social scientist, currently working at the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, where he conducts research on public controversies and evaluation related to nuclear-sector megaprojects in Finland, France, Spain and the UK. He is also an associated researcher for: GSPR, EHESS – Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris […]

Patxi Greño

2004: MSc Economics University of the Basque Country, Spain 1997: MSc Environmental Economics, University of York, United Kingdom 1996: BSc Economics, University of the Basque Country, Spain Patxi is an environmental economist with over fifteen years of research and consulting experience dedicated to strategic policy design, economic analysis and programme evaluations. He holds a BSc in […]


Juan Ramón Candia Jorquera

Freshwater, Marine, Environmental and Cleaner Production expert with more than 26 years experience   2012 – Short Program on Sustainability: Principles and Practice, MIT, USA, 2010 – International Visiting Expert, VTT Finland 2005 – Internship on risk assessment at Instituto Labein, Spain 2002 – Internship on remediation of contaminated sites, ECOREG, Germany 1998 – MSc Environmental […]

Dr. Abelardo Rodríguez López

Agricultural and Water Economist with 36 years expereince 1981: BSc in Biology. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México 1983: MSc, Range Economics. Colorado State University, United States 1986: PhD, Range Economics. Colorado State University, United States Dr Rodriquez Lopez started his working career as a research assistant at the National Institute of Biological Research in Veracruz […]

David Smith

Mr. David Smith is the director of the consulting company, Water, Environment and Business for Development. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Botany and Zoology (2000) and an Honors Degree in Limnology (2001) from the University of Cape Town (RSA). He has a Masters Degree in Water and Environmental Management from Loughborough University (UK) (2015) […]

Beatriz Medina

Ms. Beatriz Medina is MSc in Environmental Sciences from the University of Alcalá de Henares and Master on Science, Environment and Health Communication degree. Beatriz is a partner and consultant at WE&B as an expert in the field of socio-environmental studies. Working experience in the field of science communication and knowledge brokering, social engagement processes […]

Dr. Abir Mohammed

Water and Wastewater Expert with 10 years experience. 2003: PhD (Dr. Phil.) in wastewater treatment plant technology Thesis: Low cost sewage treatment technologies in semi arid areas 
(constructed wetlands); University of Flensburg, Germany 1996: MSc. Appropriate Rural Technology and Extension Skills. University of Flensburg , Germany 1989: BSc. in Mechanical Engineering. University of Aleppo, Syria […]

Laura Alcalde Sanz

Water and Water Reuse Research associate with 18 years experience. 2012: Ph.D in Biological Sciences, University of Barcelona (UB), Thesis title: Evaluation and management of risk associated to wastewater reuse (Cum laude) 2005: Advanced Studies Diploma (DEA) (doctoral courses), Doctoral program: Environmental engineering 2001: MSc in Environmental Sanitation, University of Barcelona 1995: BSc in Biological […]