Synergies for Green Growth Initiative-Energising the Impact of Innovation in the Mediterranean (SYNGGI)

  • 16 May, 2021
  • Project Focusgreen growth
  • Sector(s)urban, rural, industry


  • white paper
  • factsheets
  • cops / living labs
  • stakeholder engagement


The SYNGGI project had the aim to support the individual modular projects to provide a connection and integration amongst these projects, under the objective Green Growth in the Mediterranean. The community projects consisted of 14 projects connecting 165 partners from 13 countries in the Mediterranean, with a total budget of around €30M. These projects tackled topics from agrofood, eco-innovation, smart cities, waste management to green growth financing.

The activities supported the Green Growth priority areas in the Mediterranean. The project was designed to unify various project results to be brought together to support the MED stakeholders and to create a fruitful and collaborative environment for all implicated bodies. Additionally, the project complied with the Interreg-MED strategy where the project acted as a horizontal projects to be the bridge between the Modular projects. The networks or clusters of private and public characters were brought together to create a vast network of key groups including SMEs, academia and governing authorities. SYNGGI has been structured to support communication, capitalization activities.

Services provided by WE&B

WE&B was contracted to set up a working group (Community of Practice) on the thematic area related to Green Growth in the Mediterranean. As part of the activities, WE&B undertook the following:
– Creation and Management of the Working Group (CoP)
– Identification of potential Green Growth areas in the Mediterranean
– Production of 4 technical reports (“White papers”), 1 for each topic of Working Groups, plus 1 general. The results for the technical reports will be obtained from the Thematic Working Groups, and will be related to the “EU Circular Economy Action Plan” and indicators.
– The White Papers (and their associated Factsheets) produced by WE&B were:
White Paper 1 – Make More with Less: Resource Efficiency:
White Paper 2 – Towards Circular Towns and Cities: Green & Smart Public Services:
White Paper 3 – Zero waste: problems become opportunities in Waste Prevention & Management:
White Paper 4 – Fit for a circular future: Competitiveness & Innovation:
White Paper 5 – Synergies for Green Growth: