The Africa-EU Innovation Alliance for Water and Climate (AfriAlliance) project is lead by UNESCO-IHE and involves 16 partners from Africa and Europe. The main objective of AfriAlliance is for African and European stakeholders to work together in the areas of water innovation, research, policy, and capacity development to prepare Africa for future Climate Change challenges. We will take Africa-EU cooperation in this field to a practical level by sharing (non) technological innovation for local challenges, thus also identifying and boosting sustainable market and investment opportunities.

WE&B will be leading Work Package 1 (Demand driven Action Groups) where we will contribute to the promotion and implementation of enriched and strengthened coordination within Africa and between Africa and the EU through the creation and realisation of specific needs-based and demand-driven action groups. WE&B will address the following specific objectives:

Enhance the baseline analysis of existing networks and initiatives related to water and climate actions in Africa and Africa-EU

Launch and manage the AfriAlliance Action Groups on relevant identified themes and scale-related focus via a bottom- up approach

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