June 2014: GlobalCAD contracts WE&B for a period of 3 years for the European project DEMOWARE.

WE&B is contracted by GlobalCAD to assist with the coordination of Work Package 4: Business Models and Pricing Strategies over a period of three years.

More specifically WE&B will:

To support with defining new market opportunities for water technologies and processes in the European Water reuse sector.

Specialist Water and Sanitation sector support in the identification of the competitive advantage: defining the competitive advantage and the added value of each technology and water reuse operators
Support the process of understanding key success factors and barriers of entry: for each of the services identified, a thorough analysis of the key success factors and barriers of entry will be performed to ensure feasibility of proposed strategic business plan
WE&B will also provide support by providing European water sector knowledge to CAD who in turn will liaise with ACTEON in the process of planning and the accessing of financing solutions in the European Water Market providing pricing strategies for reuse water systems. In this sense, WE&B will provide specialist input to assist CAD to produce the outputs for WP4.


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