11th and 12th of December 2014: The GA of the DEMOWARE project was held in Tarragona, Spain where WE&B was in attendance.

The General Assembly (GA) of the project DEMOWARE: Innovation Demonstration for a Competitive and Innovative European Water Reuse Sector, will be held every year during the life of the project. The first GA was held in Tarragona at the DOW Chemical Plant.

The objective of the assembly is to get all partners together to discuss the progress of the project and the first sets of results.

Day 1 (11/12/2014) started with a introduction from the project coordinators CTM, which was followed by the project dissemination update from Laura Alcalde from the JRC. Following this the individual work packages broke out into smaller working groups where the participants of each work package had a change to discuss in detail their progress.

GlobalCAD, together with assistance from WE&B, lead the break out session on Business Models and Pricing Strategies. This gave the partner participants in this work package to feedback and give input into the benefits that they would gain from having a business model designed one way or another.

Following this session, a presentation of the latest update from the Water Reuse Association was given by Paul Jeffery (Cranfield University).The final presentation of the day was given by Fernando Casado (GlobalCAD) and David Smith (WE&B) on the progress of the work package Business Models and Pricing Strategies

DEMOWARE GA 2014The final event of the day was the first board meeting of the newly formed Water Reuse Europe Association.
Day 2 (12/12/2014): The second day started with a presentation from Xavier Martinez (CTM) on the update and progress of work package 1. This presentation was followed by a presentation by Thomas Widgens (FHNW) for an update on work package 2 before Ulf Miehe (KWB) and Jos Frinjs (KWR) gave overviews on work packages 3 and 4 respectively. The final breakout session on work package 1 was held after a lunch break, before Miquel Rovira wrapped up the session with the conclusion, that all is currently on track and that 2015 will be a year of good progress for DEMOWARE.

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