WE&B together with the AfriAlliance Project partners sets up 10 Action Groups (Communities of Practice) across Africa to deal with water and climate issues.

After a competitive call, WE&B together with the AfriAlliance partners has selected a total of 10 Action Groups that will and are addressing specific, demand-driven issues with innovative approaches and knowledge co-creation in the field of water and climate. They consist of diversified sets of participants, including both European and African members in each group. With Action Group leaders from Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia and South Africa from Africa, these Action Groups are varied, covering the different regions of the African Continent.

The 10 Action Groups are:

  1. Mara Water and Wetland Watch: Lead: WinRock (Kenya)
  2. Ubuntu Action Group – Scaling and resourcing of Citizen Based Water Quality Monitoring (CBWQM): Lead: Ground Truth (South Africa)
  3. The African Alliance for Water Stewardship: Lead: Water Witness International (UK)
  4. Planning for Drought in Semi-Arid Africa: Lead: Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies (Ghana)
  5. Tailor-Made Socio Economic Approaches for Integrated Water Management in Rural to Urban Driven Mutations (SoWat): Lead: City of Scientific Research and Technology Applications (SRTA-City, Egypt)
  6. Upscaling potential of water harvesting across Africa. Lead by: Wageningen University (Netherlands)
  7. Integrated Water Resource Management and Ethics. Lead by: Rhodes University (South Africa)
  8. Efficient and Innovative Small Scale Irrigation. Lead by: The Ethiopian Institute of Water Resources (EIWR), Addis (Ethiopia)
  9. A4A (Arid African Alluvial Aquifers for Agriculture). Lead by: Mekelle University (Ethiopia)
  10. SIRAF (Sustainable Intensification for Resilience and Food Security). Lead by: IIED (International Institute for Environment and Development) (United Kingdom)

The Action Groups were formed in a bottom-up and demand driven fashion and were free to propose relevant activities in one of the following main themes:

Main Themes

  • Human development and capacity development needs in water and climate actions
  • Institutional capacity development needs in water and climate actions
  • Rural and Agriculture settings
  • Urban and industrial settings
  • Coastal areas
  • Transversal issues

You can follow their activities here: http://afrialliance.org/action-groups

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