What a year! At the end of 2019, who would have guessed that 1 year later the biggest phrases of 2020 would be: “I think you are on mute” and “Have you seen my face mask anywhere?”

In 2020, despite the challenges the year has brought, we have adapted and continued to provide our services where they matter most.

On a personal note, this year we said goodbye to a very professional and bright consultant, Mathias Brummer has followed his boyhood dream to join the Catalan NGO Network for Nature Conservation. We wish him all the best in this new endeavour and look forward to working side by side with him in the future.

On the professional side we have had a very active year.

We have run or participated in over: 30 workshops, 20 webinars, 10 interviews, 5 focus groups and 1 MOOC.

When looking at the individual projects:



  • We have developed detailed business plans and sustainability reports for the 3 main AfriAlliance Project
  • We connected more than 700 entities in water and climate in Africa and Europe and provided the final report on the Social Network Analysis
  • Our final report on the AfriAlliance Action Groups provides an outline of the all the results and impacts produced by the 10 Action Groups (Communities of Practice) that have been running between 3 to 5 years.

Life Dreamer

  • We provided the final socio-economic report for the project highlighting the advances of the stakeholders’ engagement with desalination technology.
  • We produced together with our partners Corporate Film Video the final LIFE DREAMER video: https://youtu.be/p1dky1YxPdY
  • We have also provided the final documentation on all the communication activities within the project.


  • In order to foster a more circular housing sector in Europe we developed and ran a total of 15 Co-Creation Workshops in 2020. We held co-creation workshops on: FUTURE VISION; IDEAS GENERATION and MATERILISING FUTURES.
  • The outcome of these co-creation workshops resulted in a series of factsheets for each demonstration site.
  • We also prepared and presented the deliverable on Social perceptions and beliefs in circular economy at building scale


  • This project focussing on the water and nutrient reuse from housing and office buildings will go into its final year in 2021. In 2020, we had to adapt the current pandemic situation adapting the organisation of last focus groups in Helsingborg (farmers) and Sneek (inhabitants and farmers).


  • We analyzed a total of 10 cases from Central America and the Caribbean. We held a number of interviews with plant managers and developed a final report on the 10 most emblematic water reuse and sludge management practices across the continent.

In 2020 we also kicked off the new H2020 project: REsilient WAter Innovation for a Smart Economy.

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