23rd to the 27th of March 2015: Latin American Water Week.

Next to World Water Week, the Latin American version is one of the most important and well attended events in the global water sector. Water Week Latin America provides a unique platform for the exchange of experiences and practices among the academic, business, political and civic communities. It focuses on new thinking and positive action towards the challenges related to water and its impact on the environment, health, climate, economy and community.

The main objectives of the 2015 edition of this event are to:

– Explore the challenges in water issues and concrete solutions that can be addressed and implemented in the region.

– Promote proactive partnerships and alliances among participants to encourage the development of global initiatives for implementation and replication in Latin America and the Caribbean.

– Emphasis on innovative research, emerging global trends and development of successful innovative policies in the region

WE&B will be presenting (http://waterweekla.com/speakers/) on Thursday the 26th of March in the Water and Sanitation Module on “Water Reuse Experiences of Treated Wastewater in Europe” TABLA-DE-PAPERS-SELECCIONADOS

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