At the end of November the RUN4Life project held its 6-monthly consortium meeting,,  in Vigo, Spain.

All partners provided updates on the progress and work plans for the coming months. In addition, there were several invited project advisors who provided input into the project progress.

The meeting location was in the Zona Franca in Vigo were one of the demonstration sites takes place. The project Run4life works in 4 sites in Europe, and for the first time nutrients will be recovered from domestic waste streams of several hundred dwellings. In collaboration with fertilizer producers, the resulting products will be characterised and the possibilities for their agricultural application will be determined

WE&B leads the work package where we are firstly identifying the Run4Life stakeholders at all levels and then engaging with them to discover their key expectations from the project and to find out how support can be gained for the long-term feasibility of this circular economy technology. This engagement includes assessing their interests, perceptions, capacities and institutional relations

The Run4Life Team in Vigo (Photo Credit: 

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