Given the need to reflect on the efficient use of resources, it is essential to configure social activities under the circular economy concepts. The circular economy concept aims to produce goods and services while limiting the environmental impact, and reducing the consumption of raw materials, water and energy sources in all stages of the life cycle, and in this specific case, the life cycle of buildings.

The HOUSEFUL Project within the framework of the H2020 program, seeks to adapt buildings by prioritising the circular economy concept in the housing sector. Based on this philosophy, the project will be carried out by demonstrating the viability of 11 different circular solutions in 4 buildings located in Austria and Spain.

In these buildings, the concept of the circular economy will take place under different scenarios, including that of social housing. It will take the linear economy model, in which one extracts, produces, consumes and then discards to the optimisation of the consumption of resources, based on reducing environmental impacts i.e. that of the circular economy model.

The HOUSEFUL project has a video that reflects the sustainable innovation that will be provided throughout the project timeframe.


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