Three years ago we set out to build a consultancy in innovation in the water and environment sectors. It was not until May 4, 2017 that we decided to celebrate WE&Bs short but yet very successful track record, surrounded by our collaborators and closest partners taking advantage of our new office location in the Smart Community Trade Center in Sant Cugat del Vallés.

The day began with a traditional plenary session with a welcome address from Mrs Alexia Porqueras, the corporate director of the SC Trade Center, and followed by a presentation by Mrs Joana Barbany, Deputy Mayor for the Economic Promotion, Innovation and Open Government with secondment from the Department of Commerce of the City of Sant Cugat. The session then changed into a less formal and more dynamic session of participation where the participants had the opportunity to interact and to contribute to ideas to the challenges we all face to combat the impacts of climate change as citizens in Catalonia. Ideas and challenges were prioritised to address climate change in three areas (where WE&B innovates): technological, business and social innovation. WE&B will collect these contributions from the participants, analyse the data and produce a document that will be presented to the City of Sant Cugat.


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