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5th of June 2014: WE&B presented at a Green Week Side Event on Social Innovation in the Waste and Water Smart Cities in Brazil

WE&B was invited to present at the Green Week Side Event organized by Europe for Business on Social Innovation in the Waste and Water Smart Cities in Brazil.

The workshop gave to the speakers the possibility to present the ongoing projects they are carrying out, such as MADAM, City Blueprints, BEWATER, RALCEA and, in particular, AguaSociAL project. The AguaSociAL consortium, represented by Università Roma Tre, the Federal University of Para and the Amazonas State University, conducted a deep analysis on the project through various presentations.

WE&B presented on Water Reuse Innovation, undertaking a review and defining Future Needs for Market Application. You can download the presentation here: WE&B_Green Week

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