What we are offering

  • A competitive industry aligned salary of between 22,000€ and 26,000€ depending on your experience.
  • To work within a multicultural team
  • To work on innovation, research and development sector projects
  • To work on projects financed by the European Commission, the World Bank, the InterAmerican Development Bank amongst others
  • To work as part of larger project consortiums with international and multidisciplinary team
  • Flexible working schedule
  • Flexibility to align to your own professional interests
  • Lifetime learning opportunities

What we are looking for

  • Bachelors degree in Environmental Science or related field
  • 5+ years’ experience in the subject matter
  • Experience in environmental studies (water resources, circular economy, green growth, environmental management)
  • Experience in international cooperation projects (World Bank, IDB) and/or research projects (e.g. European Research programmes)
  • Knowledge of environmental policies
  • Understanding of systems management (Social, Economic and Environmental systems)
  • Experience in social mixed research methods (qualitative, quantitative and interventions)
  • Excellent English skills both written and verbal (Spanish, Catalan and French a clear asset)
  • Ability to communicate to a wide range of target stakeholders and conduct participatory events (online and offline)
  • Excellent demonstratable skills in technical report writing (scientific articles and technical studies)
  • Ability in science communication and knowledge exchange from science to practice and vice versa.

Submit your resume

You can apply for the position until March 12th 2021

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    In summary WE&B will assure the following when handling your personal data:

    We will ensure lawful, fair and transparent processing of your personal data.

    We will limit the data processing to the purpose of contracting someone for this position, thus we will only collect that data which is necessary, and not keep personal data once the processing purpose is completed.

    We will ensure that we have your consent to pass on your CV to any other organization that may be looking for your expertise before doing so.

    We have in place organisational and technical mechanisms to protect external personal data breaches.

    If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@weandb.org.

    About WE&B

    WE&B is a consulting company focused on the Water and Environment sectors, offering services in Social and Business Innovation. Our globally experienced team participates in research projects to remain at the cutting edge of innovation while processing the skill and expertise to adapt to and enhance these innovations to bring them to our clients in the development sector. We focus our innovation in water and environment and our services related to those sectors are in social and business aspects.

    Our Vision

    To make a real measurable social and economic impact on the lives of those dealing with the consequences of water and climate change effects

    Our Resources

    The WE&B team has a network of local experts located throughout the world with extensive field experience in each of our work areas. This network of experts ensures that WE&B is flexible to tackle any project and allows for local knowledge and experience to be used, to guarantee excellence in project implementation.

    Our focus sectors

    Water Sector
    • Integrated Water Resource Management
    • Integrated Environmental Management in Rural Areas
    • Governance, Communication and Policy

    Environmental Sector
    • Climate Change
    • Green Growth and Ecosystem Services
    • Rural Development

    Our services

    Social Innovation
    • Socio-environmental characterisation and analysis
    • Communication and stakeholder engagement strategies and implementation
    • Science – practice interface
    • Social Network Analysis

    Business Innovation
    • Sustainable Business and Economic Models
    • Market Studies / Analysis
    • Cost – Benefit Analysis

    Our Organization

    In 2018 WE&B was accredited by the Spanish government as a “Innovative SME” for our work in social and economic innovation and circular economy. WE&B are members of Water Europe, founding members of the Water Europe working group on International Cooperation. WE&B are administrators of the Network for Water in European Cities and Regions (NetwercH20). In 2018 WE&B were invited to join the “Valles Circular” programme to provide analysis and advice on circular economy initiatives in Catalonia, Spain. WE&B are also members of the International Water Association and more specifically as active members of the specialist group Ecosystem Services. In addition, WE&B is part of the business networks, The Practitioner Hub for Inclusive Business, Global Network on Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Global Network on Sustainable Lifestyles.