Preparation of the Water Reuse Master Plan for the water operators of Besòs Tordera (Water Reuse Spain)

  • 16 May, 2021
  • Project Focuswater management
  • Sector(s)urban


  • tariff structures
  • market analysis
  • cost-benefit analysis


The objective of this study was to provide the consortium of water operators in the Besos Tordera region in Catalonia, Spain with the following aspects regarding the the Water Reuse Master Plan:

  • Ensure that all uses of potable water are converted into completely renewable sources.
  • Guarantee the availability of water and strengthen the supply.
  • (Continue) maintaining the water quality of potable water and water for reuse

These main objectives were achieved through the following activities:

Quantification for the demand of renewable water sources including the installation and use of new treatment systems. The study contained proposals for the potential uses of regenerated water according to each water operators facility and the quality of the discharged water. The study also investigated and identified the most efficient distribution of regenerated water within the CBT (Tordera Besos Consortium) sanitation systems, including the capacity and the type of treatment systems required to satisfy the demand. A methodology of comparison of the water reuse technologies for the implantation of the different final uses was also developed, together with a price and tariff comparison for each reuse type.

Services provided by WE&B

WE&B was responsible for the tariff Analysis and for providing a tariff proposal for different uses and volumes of recycled water WE&B first undertook a full analysis of international water reuse tariff structures including an analysis per sector type (industry, environment and agriculture). The tariff proposal analysis focussed on the following aspects:

  • Tariff proposal for water reuse in industrial processes (for e.g. process water, washing aggregates, etc.)
  • Tariff proposal for water reuse in agricultural irrigation: irrigation of crops and pastures
  • Tariff proposal for for non-potable urban uses such as landscape irrigation
  • Tariff proposal for reuse for environmental and recreational uses

Project Partners

David Smith (Team Lead) Francisco Greño (Environmental Economist)