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Stakeholder Engagement, Knowledge & Communication on Coastal Zone Management In West Africa

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The West Africa Coastal Areas (WACA) program aims to strengthen the capacity of a select number of West African countries to reduce the vulnerability of their coastal areas and promote climate resilient integrated coastal management.

As part of the WACA Program, the Project “WACA Erosion and Adaptation” focuses on capacity development and improving information and knowledge about climate change related coastal erosion. Financed by the Nordic Development Fund and by the West Africa Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU), the Project aims to promote sound coastal management practices for a select group of countries including Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo and Ghana.

The Project includes the initiation of policy dialogues on coastal erosion and adaptation in coastal areas in targeted countries and a select number of technical analyses; and will lead to the identification of regional and country-specific on-the-ground investments.

WE&B and Global CAD, have been selected by the World Bank with the aim to create knowledge and develop appropriate communication and awareness strategies in order to engage all stakeholders of West Africa Coastal Area in tackling the challenge of Erosion and Adaptation to Climate Change in Coastal areas.

More specifically the consortium will:

  • Document the experience of countries dealing with coastal erosion and climate change adaptation in the region and globally;
  • Customise guidance notes for stakeholders in order to provide them with concrete knowledge on topics relevant to them
  • Prepare a Communication and Awareness Action Plan for all relevant actors
  • Support the rollout dissemination of the communications materials in close coordination with the World Bank.

WE&B Activities in the Project

  • WE&B assists in the documentation of experiences in coastal management and climate change as well as in the preparation of the communication materials (guidance notes, factsheets) in close coordination with the World Bank.
  • WE&B is also in charge of the preparation of the Communication and Awareness Action Plan for all relevant actors


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