Juan Ramón Candia Jorquera

    Freshwater, Marine, Environmental and Cleaner Production expert with more than 26 years experience


    2012 – Short Program on Sustainability: Principles and Practice, MIT, USA,

    2010 – International Visiting Expert, VTT Finland

    2005 – Internship on risk assessment at Instituto Labein, Spain

    2002 – Internship on remediation of contaminated sites, ECOREG, Germany

    1998 – MSc Environmental Management, Lincoln University, New Zealand

    1996 – Postgraduate Diploma in Env. Sciences, University of Canterbury , New Zealand

    1994 – International Programme on Coastal and Marine Environment Pollution Prevention, Chalmers University, Gothemburg, Sweden,

    1993 – Marine Environment Protection, Jica Center, Okinawa, Japan,

    1986-90 – Science Degree in Marine Biology, University of Concepcion, Chile,

    Juan Ramon has 25 years of professional experience in environmental projects, including issues of mining & environment, clean technologies, management and remediation of contaminated sites, spill management from mining operations, risk assessment, cleaner production (CP), sustainable development, water management, energy, innovative clean technologies, responsible mining and local communities, among others.

    Juan Ramon has worked for several prestigious organizations, holding positions such as: Head of Sustainability at Chile Foundation (FCH), the main applied innovation center in Chile; at FCH he was also Head of the Water & Environment Department and Director of the Environmental Remediation team; Deputy Director of Cleaner Production Center at INTEC; Deputy Director at National Fishery Service, researcher on clean technologies and innovation projects. Mr. Candia has also worked as a consultant for several organizations in both Chile and abroad, and has been responsible for over 300 environmental projects for large private companies, as well as for public agencies and international organizations. Juan Ramon has traveled extensively, visiting and working in over 80 countries.

    He has been responsible for forming and leading high performance teams, he is frequently requested for media communication (written articles, radio and tv interviews on environmental issues). He has also been responsible for the search and the establishment of dozens of successful alliances and multiple consortia with organizations from several countries all over the world.

    His countries of experience are: Chile, New Zealand, USA, Finland, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Peru, Colombia etc.