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Preparation of the water reuse plan for the Tordera river basin (Spain)

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The objective of this project is to provide the water utility consortium of the region Besos Tordera (CBT) in Catalonia with competence and information on the facilities, uses and water demands of the area.

The objectives of the Water Reuse Master Plan are:

  1. To convert the uses of potable water or groundwater into a system that is completely renewable
  2. To guarantee the availability of water and strengthen the water cycle.
  3. To continue maintaining the water quality of the area

This will be undertake through the following objectives of the project:

  • Qualitative evaluation of the demand for potential regenerated water in each of the sanitation systems
  • Quantification of the demand for Regenerated Water and installation and use complying with the water standards of RD1620 / 2007
  • Proposals for the potential use of regenerated water according to the facilities and the quality of the output

In this task, the identification of the most efficient distribution of Water Reuse Plants (WRP) in the CBT area, capacity and type of treatment to satisfy the demand quantified in the previous points. A methodology for the comparison of technologies for the implantation of the WRP is developed which consists of:

  1. Technology selection
  2. Design of water reuse systems
  3. Infrastructures
  4. Application

WE&B is responsible of the Tariff Analysis and the Tariff proposal for the different uses and volumes of recycled water

The analysis will focus on the following uses:

  • Reuse for industrial uses such as process water, washing aggregates, etc.
  • Reuse for agricultural irrigation: irrigation of crops and pastures
    Reuse for non-potable urban uses such as landscape irrigation
  • Reuse for environmental and recreational uses
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