The 20th to the 24th of March 2017, Water Week Latin America was held in Santiago de Chile, where WE&B was present as partner in the project WaterClima LAC.

The fourth meeting of the project consortium, consisting of: WE&B, CATIE, CAD, CTM, Amphos21, INTEC, FCH, EFB, CONICET, Tec de Monterrey, was held at Fundación Chile. The meeting dealt with the Logical Framework of the project, as well as the situation of each pilot site, both in the Social, Economic and Biophysical framework.

Project Partners in Chile

Water Week Latin America began on the 22nd of March 2017, with a visit from the European commissioner of the WaterClima LAC project, Mr Oliver Levy. Following this the official inauguration of WWLA was held.

At the WWLA conference, the WaterClima LAC project had a booth, in which it presented information of all the pilot sites, as well as information of the different companies participating in the project.

On the 23rd of March there was the event dedicated to the WaterClima LAC Project, in which the entire consortium participated with keynote speeches and round tables. WE&B together with Amphos21 presented the update in the economic and social models that are currently being developed.

The week was very fruitful and positive interaction were held, both with the meeting of the consortium, as well as with the events within Water Week Latin America. The project office from the commission gave encouraging outlooks for the WaterClima LAC project with encouragement to continue working in the same line to achieve the end results of the project. In relation to WE&B this would be to prepare and present the roadmap to implementation of the social and economic models as well as policy briefs for their implementation.


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