Recently, WE&B participated in the presentation of the results in a form of White Paper of the Interreg Med Green Growth Community in Brussels the 19th- 20th of September 2019, at the European Committee of the Regions. After three years of study, analysis and pilots, 150 actors have come together to reflect upon these results. WE&B after collaborating with the project coordinators of Beta Tech. Center (UVic), presented the White Papers for policy recommendations of the four thematic Working Groups: 1) resource efficiency; 2) sustainable production and consumption; 3) waste prevention and management; and 4) competitiveness and innovation. WE&B also presented a transversal white paper summarizing findings of all other four documents.  We look for further cooperation with the Interreg Med Green Growth Community.

Find out more about these White Papers as new WE&B publications HERE

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