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Industrial water reuse in Sant Luis Potosi (Mexico)

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The aim of this short term mission is to undertake a feasibility study and a basic engineering phase adaptation of the current water treatment plant to have a continuous flow of 1,2 litres per second(to ensure compliance with the official Mexican standards for wastewater discharge to the urban or municipal sewer systems); to finally implement a pilot technology to treat a flow of 10 litres per second, complying with the Official Mexican standards for reuse in industrial processes and urban reuse for subsistence and commercial farming.

These activities will take place in San Luis Potosi in Mexico, where there is significant water scarcity and that water reuse has not yet been implemented in any format.

The feasibility study will define the Best Available Technology (BAT) for industrial water reuse, market analysis and stakeholder analysis and engagement. The objective of this phase is to analyse the reduction of treatment costs and to map the clients adjacent to Residuos Mexicanos, who require treated water for their processes, and who find it possible to sell part of the treated water or donate the other part of the recycled water to the arid farming areas.

WE&Bs Specific Objectives

  • To analyse the Best Available Technology for water reuse in San Luis Potosi
  • To undertake a market study for the final use of the treated wastewater
  • Analysis of the regulatory environment for water reuse
  • Stakeholder (final client) mapping and engagement


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