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Recovery And Utilization Of Nutrients 4 Low Impact Fertilizer (RUN4LIFE)

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Run4Life embraces the Circular Economy and creates a sustainable strategy for nutrient recovery and water reuse and ensuring its market success, by integrating all key players along the value chain including end users.

The main goal of Run4Life is to demonstrate a decentralised recovery of up to 100% N P and K nutrients and >90% of water from separated BW, KW and GW. Run4Life goes beyond technical implementation and promotes market uptake by :

  1. Minimising risks with proactive mitigation,
  2. Implementing new Business Models;
  3. Boosting social and organisational innovation and iv) including end-user perspective (fertiliser companies and farmers) to achieve real use of the obtained products.


  • The project undertakes innovations for efficient Nutrient Recovery this done through the development of 3 innovative technologies up to a readiness that allows integrating them in the demo-sites. This includes the development of improved ultra- low flush toilets (JETS), the assessment of HTAD technology for one step fertiliser production with pathogens inactivation (WU) and the demonstration of the configuration of BES for NH4 recovery from BW (Aqua).
  • Large Scale Demo: optimisation and validation
  • End-users perspective: quality and safety requirements
  • Risk and Life Cycle Assessments
  • Strategic Organisational and Social innovation
  • Exploitation and Market uptake

WE&Bs Activities

WE&B leads WP6 where we will drive the following activities:

  1. Identify the Run4Life key expectations for the project from stakeholders at all levels which will support the long-term feasibility of the technology. It includes assessing their interests, perceptions, capacities and institutional relations;
  2. ii) Scrutinize the governance and social aspects related to the technology development in order to reduce and mitigate the risks associated with the implementation of the Run4Life treatment in the different production sectors and develop a platform for a multi-value valuation to support the feasibility and acceptance of the Run4Life technology.
  3. Develop a platform for a multi-value valuation to support the feasibility and acceptance of the Run4Life technology.
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