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Climate change awareness programme for policy makers & government ministries in Jamaica

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In order to address the emerging challenges of climate change in Jamaica, adaptation is needed across all sectors of Jamaica’s economy. However, the lack of awareness of the potential impacts of climate change as well as the measures to build climate resilience, and mechanisms in place to encourage adaptation measures impose a significant barrier to adaptation in the country.  The Adaptation Programme and Financing Mechanism (AP&FM) for the Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience (PPCR) seeks to overcome those barriers through the Climate Change Awareness Programme for Policy Makers and Government Ministries.


The objective of this project is to increase awareness of the causes and impacts of climate change and to build capacity for climate change mainstreaming into development planning in Jamaica. The project will identify the needs and gaps among the target audiences, evaluate the methods of training delivery and assess the experiences from other countries in implementing climate change awareness programmes.

WE&B will aid in the identification of the needs and gaps of Climate Change awareness amongst the policy makers and Government Ministries. WE&B lead the design and development of the communication strategy, workshop design and will aid in the development of the innovative materials and tools for the target audiences.

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