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The Human Dimension of Sustainability

Did you know thatsustainability has a human dimension? (Vallance et al 2011) This is what we call “social sustainability”,whichisabout identifying and managingthebusiness impacts, both positive and negative,on people (United Nations GlobalCompact). In nature, everything is connected and, if we want to pursuesustainable development, wehave to do it through a holistic approach. This means that we [...]

Welcome Josefine and Miriam!

WE&B has the good fortune to welcome as part of our team two strong young professionals in Josefine Nytofte and Miram Thiemann. Josefine joins WE&B as an Environmental Systems consultant with her expertise in climate change adaptation and mitigation research and education, sustainability analyse, sustainable business models, ecosystem services and nature-based solutions. She has previously […]