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Advanced-control MBR for wastewater reclamation (BRAINYMEM)

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The LIFE-BRAINYMEM is a project supported and financed by the European Commission to reduce the energy consumption in wastewater treatment plants and to minimise its environmental impact. All of this through using the Membrane Biological Reactor (MBR) technology for water reclamation.

  • Mitigación proactiva,
  • La implementación de nuevos modelos de negocio;
  • Impulso de la innovación social y organizativa y incluir la perspectiva del usuario final (empresas de fertilizantes y agricultores) para lograr un uso real de los productos obtenidos.

ACCIONA Agua, will apply advanced system control to the wastewater plants to reduce the greenhouse gases emission and the wastewater pollutants. The project will be replicated in other wastewater treatment plants.

ACCIONA AGUA contracted WE&B to carry out the following tasks:

  • Cost-benefit study of the product for the market
  • Study on the environmental impact of the technology
  • The social impact that the implementation of this technology can have
  • The institutional impact of technology

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