Catalan Water Partnership Event

20th and 21st of November: The Catalan Water Partnership (CWP) celebrates the 2nd Immersion Seminar on Strategic Business Innovation in Water The Catalan Water Partnership (CWP) celebrated the 2nd Immersion Seminar on Strategic Business Innovation in Water on the 20 and 21 November 2014. The CWP organizes the 2nd conference to promote strategic thinking of all […]

Global Eco-Forum 2014

28th of November 2014: WE&B was present at the 7th edition of the Global Eco-Forum Eco-union is a not-for-profit association that works to create and connect agents of change among the different sectors of society, public administration, economic and social actors to catalyze the transition towards sustainability. Every year they hold the Global Eco-Forum, and this year was the 7th edition of this event in which WE&B participated.