Water, Environment and Business for Development
Leon Chimbidzai Tafangombe

    Institutional, Public Accounting and Finance Expert with 18 years experience.

    2008: Masters in Business Administration, University of Zimbabwe
    2006: Member of Institute of Certified Public Accountants Zimbabwe (ICPAZ), Registered Public Accountant in Zimbabwe
    1994: B-Tech Accountancy (Hons) University of Zimbabwe

    Leon has worked in Zimbabwe for the Controller and Auditor General’s Office as an Auditor. He later joined the Urban Development Corporation in Zimbabwe, an organization responsible for providing Auditing and Management services to Local Authorities. He has had extensive exposure in finance and accounting disciplines with Local Authorities, Government Funds and Donor funded projects. He is currently working with GIZ on the Zimbabwe Urban water and Sanitation Program. Leon has vast knowledge on best practices that promote transparency and good governance in the public sector, a profound knowledge of International Public Sector Accounting Standards, Knowledge of Result Based Management processes as a performance management tool in the public sector, technical assistance in updating financial records and budgeting processes, capacity building for Policy makers and Administrators in Local Authorities and government institutions, as well as extensive knowledge of internal controls in financial and operational processes in the public sector. Leon also has experience in developing steering structures to run institutional processes, local governance best practices and e-governance that bring results that are aimed at value for money, strengthening institutional linkages between Central Government and Local Authorities, with the ability to work with individuals from different cultural and racial backgrounds. He has extensive knowledge of Non Revenue Water, Gender best practices and Customer Care.

    He has experience in Zimbabwe and has been involved in work-study tours to Kenya and Germany.

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