Water, Environment and Business for Development
João Salgueiro

    Water, Sanitation, Policy and Economic Specialist with 10 years experience.

    1998: Administration and Public Participation in Environment and Urban Planning. Associação Olho Vivo
    2003: Master in Civil Engineering. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology / Technical University of Lisbon (academic institutions)

    In 2004 João started working for Terraforma, the Urban and Regional Planning Consultants, as an Urban and Regional Planning Project Engineer for a project studying the demographic impacts of the high-speed rail in Portugal. He then worked for the United Nations Development Program in Algeria studying the sustainable tourism promotion as a supplementary revenue source for Saharan villages in Adrar, Bechar, Ghardaia and Ouarg. In 2008 João worked for the Spanish Red Cross in Guinea Bissau to improve safe water and sanitation facilities access in rural areas of the Oio, Cacheu and Bafatá regions. In 2009 he worked in Guinea Conakry on a project for food security improvement in Kamabi, Sambailo and Guingan – Kundara district, where he led a team on field identification of local crop production, needs assessment and stakeholders’ consultation. In 2010 he worked in Namibia for Habitáfrica to improve water access for the San communities of Drimiopsis and Skoonheid in a sustainable way for people, crops and cattle. In this project his activities included water availability and needs assessment, feasibility studies for social, environmental, institutional and technical analysis (rainwater harvesting; groundwater supply based on solar power; grey water reuse and dry sanitation). In 2011 working for Habitáfrica in Angloa he worked on the project: Integrated sustainable development of the human settlement of Damba Maria in the province of Benguela. In this project he undertook the activities of hygiene and sanitation assessment design, implementation and results analysis along with basic housing, local economic development, citizen participation and institutional strengthening. Most recently he has worked for Oxfam Great Britain in Mali where he has worked on WASH and EFSL integrated projects within the Sahel’s food insecurity context, working on the WASH cholera prevention and response. He has written the following books: Handbook for Self-Construction in Adobe in the Saharawi Refugees’ Camps published in 2007 and the Handbook for Water and Sanitation Solutions in Developing Countries published in 2012.

    He is experienced in: Strategy and Policy Development, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Integrated Water Resources Management, Community Based Management and Sustainable Development.

    His countries of experience are: Mali, Mozambique, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Namibia, Guinea Conakry, Spain, Guinea Bissau, Algeria and Portugal.

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