Water, Environment and Business for Development
Gloria Esperanza Rocha Rodríguez

    Environmental Economist with specialisation in Social evaluation with 30 years work experience.

    1978: BSc Economics from the Externado de Colombia University – Economics department.
    2001: Undergraduate Specialization – Social Evaluation Projects from the Andes University – Colombia, Economics department.

    Gloria started working for the Finance Department of Bogota as a Administrative Assistant in the financial department before she moved into the telecommunications industry in 1992 where she was an economist for the Telecommunications company of Bogata where she analyzed the feasibility of mobile telephones in Bogota, as well as designing tariffs and interconnection charges with fixed operators. She then moved onto to be the supervisor of the environmental platform where she worked as an economist where she was responsible for the Integrated Waste Management of Cundinamarca which included 8 municipalities. She has also worked for the planning secretary where amongst other tasks she was responsible for developing indicators of efficiency and effectiveness in relation to the recycling program, designing an inclusive scheme for recyclers which assisted recyclers in gaining financially from the scheme. She most recently has been hired as an external economic advisor to the Special Administrative Unit for Public Utilities of Bogata to provide professional services in structuring a proper planning and management scheme for the provision of waste collection and cleaning services where she has also provided services in structuring rates for the tariff collection and a tariffs model.

    Her main areas of expertise are: Economics of Waste Disposal, Environmental Economics, Tariff setting and Tariff models, Solid Urban Waste policies and management.

    Her countries of experience are: Columbia and Ecuador.

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