Water, Environment and Business for Development
Eyob Defere

    Planning, Regulation, Economic and Financial Analyst expert with 25 years field experience.

    MSc. in Economics

    Eyobs professional experience spans the areas of water utility business plan development, water tariff design and computation, transformation of water utilities, technical assistance to water utilities, financial and economic analysis, utility planning and development and capacity building. Eyob’s professional experience began at the Ethiopian Water Supply and Sewerage Authority where worked for 10 years within different capacities and was responsible for monitoring, regulating and supporting urban utilities in Ethiopia. After working for 10 years in the government organisation, he joined a consulting company specialising in infrastructure development particularly in water, sanitation and energy. He has been a senior consultant working as an Economist, Financial Specialist, tariff modeller, business planning specialist for the water and sanitation sector and other infrastructure projects. He has participated and managed several projects in the areas of urban and rural water supply development, power planning and other related infrastructure programs. During this period he has developed tariff computation models, financial and economic analysis models and urban utilities transformation tools, institutional development strategies and water sector policy issues.

    After working for 6 years in a consulting company he established his own consultancy company, specialising in tariff development, water utility business planning, performance improvement and institutional reform. He has worked with several towns and cities in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Malawi to assist them in planning and implementing programmes and projects. He has also worked as an independent freelance consultant for the World Bank, AfDB, EU, the Government of Finland, JICA, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other multi and bilateral organisations. He has advised the World Bank as a short-term consultant between 2002 and 2010 in town water supply issues and in program management in Ethiopia and Malawi.

    Eyobs countries of experience: Ethiopia and Malawi

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