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Dr. Eng. Haim Cikurel

    Chemical and Environmental Engineer with 41 years experience.

    2000: Ph.D. Particle Destabilization and Retention in Wastewater Effluent Filtration, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
    1984: MSc in Effects of Nitrofuran Production Wastewater, on Nitrification, Technion Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel.
    1970: BSc in Chemical Engineering, Robert College, Istanbul, Turkey.

    He has worked for 8 years (1976-1984) as a Water and Wastewater engineer in TEVA pharmaceutical industries and was then their consultant afterwards (1995 – 2001). He was the consultant for CHEMAGIS pharmaceutical industries for wastewater treatment (2004-2006) were he was the first engineer who introduced the MBR process to industrial wastes in Israel. Dr. Cikurel is the consultant for the Ramat-Hovav industrial zone administration since 2003.

    He has been involved in the following EU funded projects:
    4th program: Catchwater.
    5th Program: AQUAREC.
    6th Program: RECLAIM, SWITCH.
    7th Program: MINOTAURUS, SAPH PANI, “Water4India” and recently DEMOWARE.

    During (1996-2013) he has been in charge of different pilot plant projects in the Dan Region Wastewater Treatment Plant: The improvement of infiltration (Soil Aquifer Treatment –SAT) by effluent filtration; biofilm study in effluent and drinking water pipe-lines, tertiary treatment by contact filtration and UV disinfection of secondary effluents for agricultural reuse, and different membrane based processes for wastewater and effluent treatment (UF, NF, MBR).

    In the municipal wastewater treatment and reuse field, he has been responsible for different EU funded wastewater treatment research pilot plants for Mekorot National Water Company as an independent researcher since 1996.

    He is the co-author with other Mekorot and AQUAREC partners of a “Manual for Tertiary Treatment Processes”, which was published in (2006) by the EU Research Program, where he contributed to the chapters related to the technologies: SAT, maturation ponds, filtration, disinfection (chlorine, UV, ozone and PAA), effluent distribution, agricultural reuse, monitoring.
    He also wrote the SAT chapter in a book “Water Reclamation Technologies for Safe Managed Aquifer recharge”, IWA publishing, (Eds. Kazner, Wintgens and Dillon (2012
    He is on the management committee of the Specialists group on Disinfection, for the International Water Association (IWA).

    Countries of experience: Israel, Spain, Mexico, India

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