Social Innovation

WE & B undertakes Capacity Building to enhance the technological, organisational, institutional and resource capabilities of a community. This is done through building skills and experiences and enhancing the involvement in the decisions that affect the community.

WE & B builds capacity and manages social impact through:

  • Social Impact Management:
    • Stakeholder identification and analysis
    • Gender analysis
    • Beneficiary Assessment
    • Participation Methodologies such as Participatory Rural Appraisal, PHAST, SARAR
    • Community-Led Total Sanitation -CLTS- design and implementation
    • Focus group meetings
    • Identification and implementation of socio-economic opportunities
    • Sanitation Marketing -SM- design and implementation
  • Identification of Training and presentation necessities
  • Designing and implementing educational programs for water, environmental management and business innovation
  • The design, creation and review of teaching materials for training in different modalities (presential, b-learning and e-learning).
  • Advice and techno-pedagogical design actions for the training of trainers.
  • Advice for the use and implementation for knowledge management strategies and tools for water management, environmental management and business innovation.
  • Water and environmental policy and governance recommendations and training
  • Creating and implementing networks, platforms, clusters and associations for water, environmental management and business innovation
  • Training in institutional and legal framework development
  • Technical training


ENVIRONMENTal Management