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Social Innovation

At WE&B we work in the area of social innovation, which we define as:

Activities that address the societal challenges to enhance human well-being that is affected by the impacts of climate change and other environmental effects.

WE&B works on social innovation in the following aspects:

  1. To characterise and understand the socio-environmental contexts:
    • How are the environmental issues perceived?
    • Who are the concerned actors and key stakeholders and how are they connected?
    • What are the best ways to engage and communicate with them?
  2. To implement social interventions that address common environmental challenges. This is done through participation strategies, communication plans, dealing with the science-practice interface or working on improving governance practices.

In broad terms, WE&B is experienced in:

  • Stakeholder mapping and analysis
  • Socio-environmental characterisation and analysis
  • Communication and citizen engagement
  • Science – practice interface
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