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Green Growth Potential Assessment (GGPA) in Nepal

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The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) Investment and Policy Solutions Division developed the Green Growth Potential Assessment analytical tool that evaluates the performance of countries in key green growth areas. The consortium of WE&B Global CAD, and MinErgy is applying this tool, in Nepal in collaboration with the Nepal Ministry of Population and Environment (MOPE).

The GGPA is a rapid yet comprehensive assessment of a country’s green growth potential as an initial step to design the strategic and appropriate interventions/priorities to promote Green Growth in the country.

The findings of the assessment are useful for the Nepal government in setting the goals and developing concrete strategies and plans in making the transition towards Green Growth by developing the following activities:


  • Conducting an extensive desktop research covering a situation analysis in the context of green growth for achieving sustainable development in Nepal using a preselected set of indicators under the GGPA framework
  • Validation of the results of the desk research through a stakeholder consultation followed by the identification of priority issue-sector pairs based on a Group Delphi method, which is a structured process for collecting and distilling knowledge from a group of experts through a series of questionnaires.
  • To carry out a rapid analysis of the priority sectors based on desk research and drafted key recommendations for future green growth interventions based on stakeholder consultation

WE&B Activities in the Project

  • WE&B assist in the desktop research covering the situational analysis and helping to developing the dashboard indicators of Green Growth in Nepal.
  • WE&B set-up and lead the workshop for the government ministers of Nepal using a Group Delphi method. WE&B analysed the results and contributed to the final report of key recommendations for future Green growth interventions in Nepal.
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